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Happy Halloween!

A quick post tonight as I have many preparations still to make, not to mention washing up all the pumpkin blood after stuffing flaming candles in their hollowed out skulls. I have bowls of worms freezing to keep the swamp juice nice and cold for later. My windows are full of zombies as shall my television be most of the day, all leading up to the much anticipated premiere of THE WALKING DEAD.

If you're on Netflix and get the chance, I was recommended a movie by Jeff LaSala (http://www.ashlock.org/ author of THE DARKWOOD MASK) called LAKE MUNGO. It is available streaming from Netflix and is a great little film for Halloween. Dark, creepy, with a long slow build that is perfectly haunting. Here's the trailer:

I highly recommend it (and many thanks to Jeff for mentioning it!). Now, with that spooky under my belt, bring on the little beasties who we shall attempt to placate with chocolate and sugar before they crash through the door and devour us alive. I'll keep swords and axes sharp, just in case...

...and also for carving dinner.

Have a Happy Halloween, get scared and be scary!
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