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Waterdeep, City of Splendors...

…and of wizards, mysterious pasts, justice, the dead, dragons, and skulls and angels and devils and, well, you get the picture. There’s a lot, it’s a city and there’s a lot of stories. I’ve always loved Waterdeep, either as a jumping off point for a game or as a setting for a complete campaign. And much as I loved all that was familiar in the city, what I loved even more was carving out little spaces for myself, a tavern here, a secret dungeon entrance there, tracking down the dark, shadowed spots where I could open up new stories…Never did I think, nearly twenty years since I started playing D&D, that I would have a chance to make some of my little ideas a real part of Waterdeep and have them published alongside several other wonderful stories about Waterdeep.

And yet here is the book, in my house. My wife, my best friend, and my mother-in-law have already started reading it…and all of them racing toward one particular chapter that, while I’m proud to have written it, may make them …well, no spoilers here. I’ll just say the novel was masterfully edited (thanks Susan!) and uncensored. Of course, I tend to be a bit darker at times (shock).

And I’ll say also a big THANK YOU to Ed Greenwood for his awesome introduction in the book. Was quite speechless when I first read it and I still feel that just saying ‘Thanks!’ doesn’t quite cover it. I’m glad he enjoyed and I hope everyone else does too.

Circle of Skulls should be hitting shelves next week and I hope everyone gives it a shot along with all of the Waterdeep novels if they haven’t started them already. I was going to give a rundown of the entire series, but I think Mr. Greenwood has already done a good job of it in this video interview.

And for my next feat…now that I’m back on a real computer with a nice big normal keyboard (whoohoo!) I’m taking my ton of notes and tackling some real-world horror (finally!). I still hope to write more for Forgotten Realms, but during the break I gotta’ keep the story-demons in my head appeased and they are pushing to get this little tale out into the world. So, after taking in an extra dose of horror at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention (again, whoohoo!), writing resumes in overdrive and the playlist has Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast on repeat.

I’ll update soon with some horror-con pics. For now I gotta’ go pack, must look my best when I meet Elvira, mwahaha! ;)
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