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Back to Work

Well, my vacation is now almost exactly one day from being over. I've been both busy and exceedingly lazy all at once. Writing projects took a breather, hit the reset button in my brain...well, mostly, I did work on some notes for a Circle of Skulls related project...and some artwork, character sketches for said project...and finished up inking a wicked beastie to show up soon over at the WotC Community.

Other than that a nice time-off that should have been spent outside camping in Devil's Den, but then stormageddon came along and shot that trip down. Ah well, did some gaming, nearly killed the entire party less than a few encounters away from the BIG finish at the end of the campaign. That fight was at 13 rounds where we left off and likely to go another 13...if they're lucky.

Anyway, back to the writing tonight. Should be fun. Had to write out some extensive background to detail the focus of the story. Digging into some deep Realms history and found some bits that were missed by the historians. Providing an explanation for those bits should be interesting ;)

Overall, April should be a fun month of gods and monsters. I'll keep ya' posted.

Tags: circle of skulls, forgotten realms, writing
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