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Of Writing and Ink...

So. over at the Author Roundtable discussion here (question: What can't you live without?), I mentioned my unnatural love of the needle-point, black Pilot pen with which I write everything. Everything. Every story and novel I've written started its physical existence on the tip of one of these pens. As is my current project slowly coming to life and even more slowly making the transition from ink and paper to 1's and 0's.

I say slowly not because it's difficult, but because I've been taking my time, letting the story get a few cleansing breaths before committing it to a first draft. I've been considering doing more short stories, submitting more and faster, but though the ideas keep coming and are being neatly filed away I know I'm not going to be that dozen-projects-at-a-time writer. Once upon a time that realization was a bit frustrating, but now I find it quite freeing. I take my time and I don't sweat it.

So my latest project has grown into two one-inch binders full of notes and background, at least two pens worth of ink and two pads of quarter inch graph paper. And though the actual writing has only barely begun, the creation stage of a book is always my favorite part. My outline is organized, but loose, so I'm finding more and more detail to add in here and there. Eventually I'll have a first draft, then a second, then maybe something worth submitting. Either way it gives me something to do with all of these pens that I tend to hoard up on 'cause I fear that one day I'll go to the store and they'll be gone forever, heh.

Obviously, I joked about the pens in my Roundtable question, and I must admit that Erin Evans gave an excellent answer, conjuring up the idea of a world without meat (shudder), but my real answer to that question is one that I hope isn't necessary to put into words. It's not pens or graph paper or even writing. Not even tasty, tasty meat. If I have to type it then I'm doing something very wrong. She knows my answer.


Also, I want to give a shout out to my good friend Jeff Welborn, artist extraordinaire, with a couple of links to his work. Check them out and let him know what ya' think!

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