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Creeped Out

Being creeped out is not my usual state, in fact, should there be anything fitting the description of creepy in my vicinity one will find me moving steadily in its direction to get a better look. Honestly, I would be the most boring ghosthunter in television history with my own show, walking into the dark, eager to stand face to face with the ghost that I just found out was a dumb ol' shadow. But occasionally I'll see a movie or read a book that sticks in my head, a few examples are here http://tiny.cc/LnbV6 in the latest Author Roundtable with the Forgotten Realms writin' crew.

Mostly though, when watching a movie or reading a book, when something really creepy happens and my wife covers her eyes...I cheer. When the little kid in The Ring freaks out because his mom helped Samara and you find out she's not dead yet, I cheered, gleefully. When Michael Myers gets up after you're certain he's dead. Me, cheering. When the explorers in King Kong end up in the giant bug caves, the music stops and all you hear are the echoing sounds of crawling legs, men screaming, and mandibles clicking, there's me, edge of my seat, grinning like a goon just drinking it all in. Same as in Paranormal Activity and in every good horror movie or book I've ever seen or read.

Perhaps some think that a bit morbid, but I've never felt morbid about it, never seen it in that light. It's always just been fun for me or maybe fascinating is more the word for it. So, I cheer when the villain-monster-killer gets up or can't be killed, otherwise the story is over...unless there's one of those teaser endings, where the big bad is defeated, but still kickin'. 8D

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