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So Long 2009...

Been a bit of a while and I've been meaning to post more for some time, so I figure New Year's Eve is as good a time as any to jump on and say goodbye to 2009. 'Twas a strange year with more downs than ups and I shall not be sad to see it well behind me. Ready for a fresh start. I'll certainly update with news and whatnot as I usually do, hopefully more frequent than I have recently. I've been focusing less on the internet lately and paying more attention to the world (the 'outernet', if you will). Buckling down on my writing, tackling the projects I always said I'd get around to one day, trying to make sure all my 'one days' are in the here and now. I might even dabble in movie-making soon, well, writing the script and consulting anyway. So, prospects for 2010 looking good.

As for 2009...good riddance.

I have started my resolutions two months early, eating better, working out (15 pounds gone bye-bye!), getting out of the house (and the state), camping, cutting my smoking in half, etc. I figure that way it'll seem more impressive if I'm actually following through on my resolutions by the end of January, heh!

For now, I have a party to look forward to, less to ring out 2009 than to welcome in 2010. I will be silly, possibly loud, likely a bit inebriated, and among many friends. When I recover, sometime in the late afternoon of January 1st, I'll clean up the house and sit down to start writing. I've had a bad dream swirling around in my head for more than a decade and it's about time I put it down on paper...or rather on the computer screen, using a ton of notes on paper, so I guess it's already on paper, just as a super-rough draft.

Anyway, everyone have a safe and happy new year!
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