May 29th, 2010

Ghost Rider

E-Books, Samples, and Iron Maiden

Okay, another long, busy, occasionally torturous month…another blog-post.

A few cool new things, first up: E-books!

There are now versions of Circle of Skulls and Restless Shore available in both kindle and e-pub formats for those e-reader things, various cell-phone devices, and the good old-fashioned computer. Restless Shore is available now and Circle of Skulls is on the way in June. Infect your electronics with a little dark fantasy. :)

For Kindle:
Circle of Skulls
Restless Shore
For nook (e-pub)
Circle of Skulls
Restless Shore

Or if you’re looking for an entire set of Waterdeep e-book goodness…

Next up, free samples! Well, aside from the obvious free sample of Ed Greenwood’s Elminster Must Die! lying in wait at the end of Circle of Skulls, there is a sample of Circle of Skulls lying in wait on the Wizards of the Coast website. If you haven’t picked up the book yet and want to get a taste, here ya’ go:

I had also planned on making a new book trailer (with real special effects this time!), but with the death of my old computer also came the loss of the Windows XP Movie Maker program I was using and though I love Windows 7, this new Movie program just doesn’t measure up, not even close. All the same, many thanks to the Powers-That-Be at WotC for the legal assistance and Nox Arcana for the permission to use their awesome music.

In response to a question on my previous post, I am not currently working on a Forgotten Realms novel, which, after the last three years, is an odd feeling since the last three books have been written right on the heels of one another. On one I was actually finishing up second draft edits as the contract for the next book was arriving in the mail, lol. Though I am completely open and totally ready for another dive into the Realms, a nice little breather this time is not unappreciated. The horror novel I’m currently writing is moving along at a steady and self-appointed speed, giving me plenty of time for consideration of each chapter before steamrolling into the next. My monsters, based on some obscure bits of Greek mythology, are constantly evolving in my imagination, so it’s good to have a loose personal deadline.

Speaking of, ‘tis quite late now and I am well into my normal writing hours. Time to fire up some music and make some more headway down a dark southern highway…